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Victorian Energy Upgrades Rebate

The Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program incentivises Victorians to replace their old heating and cooling systems with more energy-efficient units, saving money and reducing the environmental impact in the long term. 

Ideal Air is proud to help Victorians go green and cut down on energy costs in the process.

What is the VEU Heating and Cooling Rebate?

The VEU program is a state-wide initiative, encouraging Victorian residents to reduce their carbon footprint with generous government rebates for the replacement of inefficient heating and cooling systems, among other household appliances. 

In addition to the rebate received with the NEW installation, the Victorian government estimates that households can save between $120 and $1100 per year on energy costs alone, depending on the upgraded system or appliance. 

By taking part, not only do you reduce your energy bills and enjoy a significant home heating and cooling rebate, but you also play a part in reducing your environmental impact and creating a more sustainable future for all Victorians.

Why Choose Ideal Air?

Area Specialist: Ideal Air is a renowned “changeover specialist”, conducting heating and cooling upgrades in Melbourne for over 10 years. Our team has over 70 years of combined expertise in both Natural Gas and Reverse Cycle (electrical) systems. Spurred on by the recent announcement that all new homes must be all-electric from 1 January 2024 as part of the Victorian Gas Substitution Roadmap, Ideal Air is perfectly suited to assist its clients through the gas-to-electric transition (Reverse cycle split system installation & reverse cycle ducted installation).

Trusted Results: We take pride in our transparent, honest advice, fast response times, and exceptional customer service. Previous Ideal Air customers commend us for these values as well as our top quality work and excellent results value.  

Your Rebate Partner: Ideal Air will handle the full VEU rebate process on your behalf from start to finish. The rebates are not means tested meaning that most upgrades will qualify for a rebate. In order to maximise your rebate, Ideal Air will inspect your home/business to design the most suitable solution, help you to select the best equipment and complete all the governmental requirements & submissions. The whole process is managed by our Team who will pass on the rebates to you, making your energy upgrades much more affordable and simple to access.

Wide Range of Products: Whether you’re looking to upgrade with a new reverse cycle split system, an energy-efficient reverse cycle ducted air conditioner or heat pump, we’ve got you covered.

How to Get Your Heating/Cooling Rebate

How Much Rebate to Expect

The value of the Rebate is dependent on a wide range of factors such as, what equipment is being removed, what equipment is being installed and your postcode. The size of the project will be dependent on the size of your home and what you want to achieve. Every project will have a different budget and all of these factors will affect the size of the rebate you could qualify for. As a general rule, you could anticipate that the rebate may cover 10-20% of the total project cost.


Get in touch with us and we’ll help you find the best energy-efficient solutions for your home/business.


Choose from our wide range of VEU-approved products, such as a Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric or Fujitsu systems. 

Install & Save 

Once your chosen products are installed and your rebate application is approved, you’ll benefit from a rebate, and get all the benefits from reduced energy costs.

Business Clients

Businesses are also eligible for rebates on the path to net zero emissions. By transitioning to electrical appliances such as energy efficient heat pumps a business also has access to incentives from the Victorian Energy Upgrades program. According to Victoria’s Gas Substitution Roadmap, the average business currently saves $3,700 per year by participating in the VEU program and a typical commercial business might save anywhere from $1,500 to $9,000 a year on energy bills.   

Save with Ideal Air

Start saving on your energy & installation costs today with Ideal Air. Simply give our friendly team a call on (03) 8582 3031 or complete our online contact form to book a consultation.

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