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Helpful tips for all year round operation


– Cleanliness

Change or clean the filters regularly. Dirty filters restrict air flow, which reduces efficiency and can cause the unit to leak water. This could damage ceilings and walls. Disposable filters and electrostatic or electronic filters should be cleaned regularly and replaced in time.


– Clear Obstructions from the outdoor system

Clear obvious obstructions such as plants, bins, tables, chairs etc, from around the outdoor unit to prevent air recirculation issues which effect airflow temperatures.


– Clean Drains

Drains should be flushed out before every summer to ensure that they are free from blockage. A blocked drain could damage ceilings and walls.


– Temperature Settings

When operating your system its advised that a set point of 23 degrees be used in summer with a set point of 19 to 20 in the winter months, this will give comfortable temperatures throughout your home and help reduce energy costs. Set points below 20 degrees are not advised as these can cause the air conditioner to ice up as well as cause other issues within the system


– De-Ice

In the colder months, when you have set your system to heating, you may find that the air conditioner is blowing cold air inside and has a build up of ice on the outdoor unit. it will most likely have a de-ice function that allows it to monitor the ice build-up and will occasionally go into the defrost mode to clear the ice. The full de-icing mode can last up to 30 minutes. Do not turn off the system during this mode so as to allow the air conditioner  to complete its procedure in full.


– Zones

Some ducted systems have been set up to air condition a certain number of zones at a time, ensure doors and windows to rooms not being conditioned are closed for the best efficiency possible.


– Testing

Be sure to run your air conditioner before the peak seasons to test its operation and overall condition. Having your system serviced on a regular basis is the best way to ensure effective and efficient operation so as to reduce the chance of a breakdown.


– Maintenance

Pre Season Maintenance is a must! Like your car, Air Conditioners and heaters need regular service and maintenance to improve your chances of efficient and effective operation. Have your system serviced by qualified technicians will reduce the chance of unit breakdown when you need it most.

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With so many years of experience fixing and repairing air conditioning systems, you can trust Ideal Air for the best results.

We can professionally maintain all brands and types of air conditioning, heating and cooling systems including:

  • Ducted Reverse CycleDucted Reverse Cycle
  • Split SystemsSplit Systems
  • Central Air ConditioningCentral Air Conditioning
  • Reverse Cycle Ducted SystemsReverse Cycle Ducted Systems
  • Reverse Cycle Multi Split SystemsReverse Cycle Multi Split Systems
  • Room Air ConditionersRoom Air Conditioners
  • Ducted Gas HeatersDucted Gas Heaters
  • Evaporative Cooling SystemsEvaporative Cooling Systems



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